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Our rescue is based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, although we cover a much larger area, and therefore are always grateful of volunteer ambulance drivers who are comfortable to pick up sick/injured foxes in emergency cases. Ideally, volunteer drivers would be able to be flexible with regards to availability, as we operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, so call outs can come in any time, and access to own vehicle would be necessary. We are particularly in need of ambulance drivers in the West Yorkshire and Merseyside areas. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer ambulance driver for us, please send us a message.

Wish list

We have an Amazon wish list containing supplies necessary for the running of our rescue. If you’d like to purchase something from our wish list, please click on the link below.

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We are always in need of blankets/towels. If you’d like to donate these supplies to our rescue, please send to The Fox Rescuers, PO Box 898, Stockport, SK4 9EQ or get in touch with us to arrange collection.


We run a monthly online auction via a group on Facebook with all funds raised going towards our rescue efforts. You can take part in this auction by either bidding on items or donating your own items for others to bid on.

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Part of our rescue work involves the rehabilitation and release of orphaned fox cubs. Whilst we do try to reunite cubs with their mothers, this isn’t always possible/successful, and we are required to find suitable release locations which must meet a number of prerequisites before a site visit in person is arranged. For more information on what we are looking for in release sites and what is required of individuals fostering cubs, please visit our page below.

Cub fostering